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portale The logo of our physics homepage has been obtained by filtering and merging two pictures. The first one is a detail of Palazzo Tosio-Martinengo in the centre of Brescia, not far from our department. This impressive building, which now hosts an important Pinacoteca, was constructed in 1557 - possibly by Lodovico Beretta - for Antonio Martinengo Cesaresco, and decorated by Jacopo Medici Manfredini. The second picture is a schematic plan of the Elettra Synchrotron Light Source in Trieste, where some of the research activities of our department are carried on. anello

bubble chamber The picture at the top of this page is again a merging of two figures. The one on the right is an example of prehistoric petroglyphs in the regional reserve of rock engravings in Valcamonica, near Brescia. The same picture is also at the top of the homepage of the dipartimento di matematica e fisica. The second one, on the left, is a typical track produced by two elementary particles in a bubble chamber. The particles are charged so that they make spirals in an external magnetic field. graffiti Valcamonica

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