Nellan, italian localization


Author: Geoffrey Draper

The modified source are obtained from the first virsion (1.0) of Nellan. The current version of the english "nellan" is now 1.0.1.

You can download the modified src and audio archives with (e.g.) wget as follows:

   wget -m --no-parent ""
   wget -m --no-parent ""

To compile the sources for linux you need "tmake"; you can proceed as follows:

  1. Edit the '' file to indicate the location of Qt on your computer: DEPENDPATH=/usr/lib/qt3/include
  2. Create a Makefile with the 'tmake' utility, freely available from Trolltech ( type:
    tmake -o Makefile
  3. Compile the program by typing
  4. Be sure to copy the resulting executable to the main nellan directory before running it (or create a symbolic link), otherwise it won't know where to find the graphics and audio files:
    cd ..; ln -s src.ita/nellan .
In this modified version, sound is played through "artsplay". To change this (e.g. into esdplay or simply play) you can modify suitably the PLAYCMD constant in gamedata.h


Happy playing...
Maurizio Paolini