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2D automatic triangular mesh generator

The TMG code is based on the advancing front technique, and provides a way to triangulate general domains in two dimension, possibly divided into subdomains, with holes, and with curved boundaries.

The code is written in C, and the graphical part requires an interface with xview, denoted xsti. This works fine under Linux, but requires version 3.2p1.4-4 (or later) of the xview package (can be found e.g. on the contrib part of RedHat 5.1), and not so fine under Solaris. Download via ftp from or via http from The development version is maintained in the subversion repository

IMAGE An example of typical domain divided into subdomains and a zoom of the resulting mesh after flipdiag and pigra regularization. The file protesi.tmg contains the domain description. The mesh in the picture is obtained from the domain description file with the TMG command sequence:
TMG> mesh
TMG> flipdiag
TMG> pigra
TMG> flipdiag

IMAGE Here is another example...
hole.gif And an example with a hole. It is also possible to mesh the interior of the hole as well by using multiple subdomains. Here is a gif image of the resulting mesh.

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