Marco Squassina - Some photos

With Andrzej Szulkin, Stokholm, Sweden, October 2014

Me with Andrzej Szulkin by Marco Squassina on


Besancon, France, July 2015.

Marco Squassina by Marco Squassina on



 With Juncheng Wei, Bruxelles, 2015.


With Olimpio Miyagaki and Liliane Maia, Brasilia, February 2014.


With Sunra Mosconi and Antonio Iannizzotto, Sirmione, Italy, May 2014.


With my PDE Class in Verona, Academic Year 2015-2016.


With my PDE Class in Verona, Academic Year 2014-2015.


With "Rombo di Tuono" Gigi Riva, Cagliari, June 2015.


With Giuseppe Battiston, Isola Maddalena, July 2016


With Carlo Banfi, Laurea in Matematica, UCSC, July 10th, 1997


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